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Our Product Compliance Commitment

Deployable Systems  built our business serving the military, We understand the importance of product compliance with standards to ensure quality, product protection, and long-term use. We stock and custom fit cases from Pelican Products that meet a variety of Mil-Specs, ATA suggested standards, and ISO 9002 certification.


Mil-Spec and Regulatory Certifications

All cases sold on comply with many of the rigid MIL-STD requirements. Additional information regarding specific certification of the case products and manufacturing are shown below.

  • Click for Rotomold-mold Mil-Spec compliance summary
  • Click for Hardigg ISO 9002 certification



    ATA Cases
    ATA cases are transit cases that meet standards set forth by the Air Transport Association (ATA). The ATA does not certify cases as ATA cases. Case manufacturers design, develop, and test transit cases based on ATA recommendations. ATA cases are put through a series of tests, such as drop tests, water spray, and vibration testing, and preservation packaging. Other requirements for ATA cases include the type of materials they are made of, number of air transit trips they can withstand, and the type of closures and hinges used to make the cases. ATA cases are ideal for air transit needs, shipping and road travel. offers an extensive collection of ATA cases to meet all of your transit needs. You can determine which cases meet ATA standards by checking the information provided on the case listing page.