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Shipping Information


Product Availability:

All Pelican Storm cases, Protector cases, and Skid Mates are normally in stock and ready to ship within 24-48 hours.
All rotomolded cases are built-upon-order, and have a standard lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Shipping Cost Estimates:

All shipping costs quoted on our site are best estimates of the shippng.  The actual shipping costs charged to you may vary due to the actual amount  invoiced by the carrier.  We estimate our shipping via UPS based upon the UPS estimate software, the product weight, the point of origin, and the point of delivery. Our orders are fulfilled by Pelican Products from various case center locations throughout the country. The center that fulfills your order will depend upon which cases you have ordered.  The location fulfilling the order will have an effect upon the shipping time, and cost, based upon the distance involved.
Some orders may contain merchandise that will be shipped  from more than one location, in which case you will receive multiple packages.

Shipping estimates using our online calculator are only valid for the continental United States.  Orders shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will require direct involvement from UPS, and cost estimates need to be obtained from Matt Michel at 703-953-3007.

We can ship with any UPS, FedEx, or other carrier with whom you have an account. Provide your account number in the customer notes on your order, and we’ll process accordingly.

Estimates of when your purchase will ship are available by calling Matt Michel at 703-953-3007.  We cannot however, provide accurate estimates as to how long it will take to arrive to your destination. You will receive an invoice via email, and on it you will find your tracking number for the carrier selected.